DarkRP Rules

1: No RDM.
2: No RDA.
3: Self supplying is ok, granted it's only a pistol. Any other weapon category is prohibited.
4: Use common sense.
5: Admins decision is final.
6: Be respectful - A joke is fine but don't make it go too far.
7: Respect the rank hiearchy - e.g a Police Chief's orders should be placed over a Police Sergeant's orders.
8: FDA is allowed but only if it's used fairly (e.g don't use FDA to drop raiders into a pit, however you may open doors quickly for yourself).
10: Don't prop abuse (prop block, fly, ect.)
11: Don't abuse bugs. If you find one, tell a staff member or you will be banned.
12: 3rd party scripts are prohibited.
13: Maximum mug amount is 10k, with the cooldown being 2 minutes. You must allow a player at least 5 seconds to drop the money.
14: Advert chains are not allowed - They can confuse people and end up giving admins more hassle than needed.
15: You must advert PD raids.
1: You are allowed a maximum of 10 fading doors, however Mega Bases do not have a limit.
2: If you are making a Megabase, you must own all doors inside the area.
3: Your megabase cannot be too big. e.g the entire water area of the map.
4: If you are building, you must have a clear 3d2d textscreen that says you are building.
5: While building, your base cannot have any raidables (printers, bitminers, ect).
6: If someone is being annoying while building, you may KOS.
7: No completely invisible props. The only exception to this is Cameras.
8: You need to have a keypad for every fading door.
9: Keypads must be accessable.
10: Don't use glitches to up your advantage.
11: You may prop block a room off, as long as you never use it and have nothing in it.
1: You must advert raid.
2: You cannot raid bases that are building.
3: Raid cooldown is 3 minutes - 10 if it's the same person.
1: You are allowed to base, as long as you still execute your duties (e.g as a cop you must still go out and arrest lawbreakers, ect).
2: You cannot own printers, however bitminers are allowed.
3: You cannot go corrupt/rouge in any way.
4: RDA is not allowed - You must have a valid reason.
5: A valid reason is with the laws the Mayor sets. (e.g if money printing is illegal, owning a money printer is a valid reason to arrest. If bitminers are not, owning bitminers is a invalid reason).
6: Don't arrest someone because of their job (e.g arresting a hitman even though he's done nothing) - The only exception to this is Bloodz, Cripz and Mafia members.
7: You cannot kill or arrest other goverment members.
1: Don't abuse your permissions to give a personal advantage.
2: You may deal with situations off duty, granted as long as you go immediently back to RPing.
3: Don't spawn in resources for you or other players, unless justified (e.g refunds).
4: You are not above the rules.